Facebook’s newest advertising tool, Canvas, offers businesses and organizations a unique way to reach their audiences. With Facebook Canvas, we now have the ability to combine images, video, text, and call-to-action buttons to create a fully immersive mobile “experience” for your targets that can lead to better first impressions and ultimately, more conversions.

People continue to spend a growing amount of their online time on mobile devices. It’s also been documented that people on average are interacting with only a handful of apps, with Facebook being one of the most popular. It only makes sense that marketers want to target people while they are on Facebook on their mobile devices. Canvas now gives marketers a unique way to bring their brand to life. Through Facebook’s incredible user profiles, you can build your custom audience based on a number of demographic and interest categories – and track the success of your efforts.


With Canvas, you now have the ability to create this experience with such things as imagery that allows users to tilt and swing their mobile devices around to view the entirety of an image (soon to be an entire 360 degree image).  We can add this ‘pan’ feature to sliders, buttons, videos, and text to make one continuous piece of content that fits seamlessly into a user’s Facebook mobile stream. Check out our Facebook Canvas sample by clicking this link in mobile.

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