When AMG started working from home in March, none of us knew what to expect. Like so many businesses at the time, we were venturing into new grounds. We just knew we had to do everything we could to slow the spread of the coronavirus and keep our employees safe. Little did we know that the challenging times ahead would prove just how dedicated and productive we can be as a team.

While working from home, we’ve launched full campaigns – TV, audio, digital, outdoor, social, and all the strategic media buys to back them up. We’ve designed websites and developed videos when our clients needed us most. In between, we found time to develop and pitch multiple new business campaigns and win new clients. How did we manage to accomplish all this remotely (and without the creative fuel of our Wednesday tacos)?

Like we’ve done many times before, we recognized change and adapted. We figured out new ways to communicate and collaborate. We kept projects moving with frequent team huddles on Google Hangouts, constant email communication, and the occasional Slack call. Pretty soon we were busier than ever, helping clients build webpages and eblasts that brought value to their audiences during this time. We pivoted on many campaigns to include COVID-19-sensitive strategies, showing how responsive and adaptive we can be.

With the unpredictable spikes in COVID-19 cases, we’re not sure when we’ll return to the office. But when we do, we’ll have strict health protocols in place. We’ll be checking temperatures every day, sanitizing workspaces, and maintaining social distance guidelines.

Our time working from home has taught us a lot. We’ve reached a new level of individual accountability and work ethic, yet built more trust in what we can do as a team. We’ve rediscovered that the most difficult times we face are filled with opportunity to perform at our best. That no matter how intimidating the challenge, we can push ourselves to overcome together. There’s no doubt we are now more grateful than ever for our health, for our clients, and for each other.