Anderson Marketing Group, now better known as AMG, is one of the most well-established and respected ad agencies in all of South Texas. We’ve been around since 1970, long enough to know the ins and outs of the industry and what it takes to thrive in it.

We’ve expanded from the “Mad Men” era traditions of Jim Anderson’s original advertising agency into a full-service marketing firm. And while we’ve stayed up to date, even ahead of the curve, we get it. We’re old. That may seem like a stigma, but it’s exactly what sets us apart – and for all the right reasons. Nearly 50 years of serving national and local brands has given us a wisdom, an edge, a depth and perspective not often found. Even a bit of marketing swagger.

We bring vibrant ideas, strategy and design to the table. We know each and every step it takes to go from creative concept to full-fledged campaign. And beyond. After all, the world of advertising has evolved with sometimes dizzying speed in the past half century. But so have we.

Our campaign #Since70 is a nod to the past. It’s also a trajectory into the future.