When our digital and creative teams were asked to revamp Zio’s Italian Kitchen’s official website, they were also tasked with enhancing the user experience and incorporating new ways to interact with customers. But with an opportunity like this, we wanted to do more – way more.

We began by revisiting our client’s brand standards and mission statement. At Zio’s, it’s all about traditional Italian recipes, freshness and quality ingredients, and we wanted their website to be all about that, as well. That’s why we decided to make food the primary visual element throughout the site, no matter how hungry it made us. We used high-resolution photographs to capture the freshness and beauty of their dishes and complemented them with candid kitchen action shots. We also made their menu easier to navigate and understand, and made the nutritional information easy to find online.

In addition, we created a sleeker and more powerful location finder to help customers get directions to the closest Zio’s. And to bring social media into the mix, we chose to use Instagram to encourage patrons to share their Zio’s dining experience under the hashtag #ziositalian for a chance to win a gift card. Maybe we’ve experienced the effects strong visuals have over a person’s appetite, or maybe research really does show that foodies love to document their next culinary adventure. See the social side of Zio’s, and check out their brand new website.