In the advertising industry, the average employee tenure is 4.6 years. AMG employees average 12.6 years with us. And the average client tenure for the industry is 3 years, whereas AMG’s client tenure is 7.4 years. In both cases, AMG more than doubles the industry standard. The numbers are as impressive as they sound, but the reasons might be simpler than you think.  

Treating our employees like family is a wonderful philosophy to live by—and we do. But what does that really mean? It means we value the unique contribution each employee makes through affirmation or open recognition. It also means we listen to and consider employee ideas so they know they are making a difference to the agency. We also help our employees grow as well-rounded professionals. We personally care about our Andersonians and are flexible so they can maintain a healthy work/life balance. Naturally, they’re happy to call us family, too.

Another simple philosophy guides our relationship with clients: go above and beyond at every opportunity. Being prompt, attentive, and courteous—these are all part of delivering the first-rate service our clients have come to expect. Developing engaging campaigns, websites, and the solid creative to back it up has also become part of the standard AMG package.

But how do we go above and beyond? We give our personal time to our clients. Kim and Chuck are on the Foundation Board of the Ecumenical Center and Kim is also co-chair of the Art Heals Hearts event. Chris is currently on the Art Committee for the new Alamo Colleges District building. We show our dedication to our clients with the depth of research we conduct on the front lines to gain insight into their brand. Organizing focus groups, conducting secret shopper and man-on-the-street research, and hosting interviews for strategic plans are all services we’ve done for clients at the agency’s expense. Last, we do whatever it takes to meet a tight deadline, often working late to deliver a product the client loves.

The result has been our average client tenure of 7.4 years. This happened by making each client’s needs a priority and investing in their brand until we can’t picture AMG without them. That’s what we mean when we say our clients are like family, because families care and families last.