Two heads are better than one and life doesn’t happen in a bubble.

Sayings are sayings for a reason. Some of the best ideas come from unexpected places and collaboration is a huge part of the creative process. A fresh perspective and new set of eyes can open up a world of ideas that may be out of reach if you create in isolation.

Many believe that creative people are more likely to be introverts; that students learn better when alone; and that solitary computer programmers write better code. In each of these cases, research shows just the opposite.

Scientists agree that great creativity is almost always based in collaboration, conversation and social networks – just the opposite of our mythical image of the isolated genius.

Other creatives are a great resource but anyone can help hone an idea or spark something in you that you may not have considered, completely changing your direction and, in turn, creating a better product. Grab someone who fits your demo and see what they think. *WARNING* showing your spouse or partner could cause you to sleep on the couch! Maybe show your dog instead.

This is what we do at AMG to spark up collective genius:

Collaborate constantly: The only way to get really good at something is to do it repeatedly. Working with a team is no different. It takes practice and experience to maximize your contributions to a team and, hence, to realize the team’s potential.

Listen: Pay close attention to what your team says. Resist the urge to think of what to say next. Let others speak and allow yourself to really listen.

Spur others into action: Encourage (and sharpen) the ideas of your teammates. By transferring energy to others, you improve the team as a whole.

Embrace differences: Opposites attract in love, and that’s true of creative collaborators, too. Are you a doer? Try working with a thinker. It’s not always easy to deal with a vastly different working style, but if you take deep breaths you might just learn something.