Victor Hernandez marketing headshot

Victor started out studying graphic design at San Antonio College and aspired to be a concept artist designing maps and characters for video games. Then he discovered how well his talent for visual thinking translated into creating print and digital advertisements. He ventured out on his own as a freelance designer for three years delivering on-brand graphics in HTML and CSS for websites of local businesses.

Wanting to sharpen his skills, Victor pushed his limits in the intensive software development bootcamp, CodeUp, where he completed certification in full-stack web development. He became proficient with code versioning tools like JavaScript and GSAP animation, and now uses them to enhance user experience for AMG clients.

At AMG, Victor works with brands like Pizza Patrón and the San Antonio Board of REALTORS® on the front-end of web development. He creates innovative, responsive and functional visual elements that achieve the client’s vision and engage consumers to take the desired action. When he’s not problem solving in the code world, Victor can be found going hard at the gym and enjoying the best Thai food San Antonio has to offer.