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Our agency was born out of financial marketing, and over 50 years later, AMG has built a rich history of developing a multitude of advertising and marketing campaigns for a variety of financial institutions throughout Texas.

As banking and financial services have shifted in the digital sphere, we have grown our in-house capabilities to help meet those demands, providing our clients with online marketing solutions, such as website overhauls, social media strategy development and online marketing campaigns, as well as traditional advertising campaigns including print, TV and radio advertisements.

Successful marketing of the services that your financial institution offers is all about targeting. Be it to the traditional retail segment, commercial banking customers, or the sought after high-net worth clients, we understand the critical importance of the unique targeting and messaging necessary to reach these distinct consumers.

We have developed campaigns for wealth management divisions, credit services, home equity services, small business loans, deposit accounts, auto loans and product bundling packages.

Over the years, we have provided marketing services for over 18 different financial institutions including some of the institutions listed below.

International Bank of Commerce

AMG handled International Bank of Commerce for over a decade. We were responsible for all the creative and media for the bank, working with the bank’s marketing department as well as a variety of bank presidents in the Rio Grande Valley, San Antonio and Zapata. We were responsible for developing the positioning line “We Do More/Hacemos Mas”, which is still in use today.

Frost Bank

AMG was the agency of record for Frost Bank for over six years. Frost Bank is headquartered in San Antonio with locations throughout Texas including Houston, Austin, the Rio Grande Valley, Dallas/Fort Worth and Corpus Christi. During this six-year period, we worked closely with their marketing department to develop strategic marketing initiatives targeted to consumer and commercial customers. AMG was responsible for the creation and execution of all television, radio, out-of-home, print and collateral advertising.

Broadway Bank

AMG worked with Broadway Bank from 1999 to 2008. During this period of time, we developed numerous branding and product-specific campaigns that included everything from broadcast creative to collateral and point of sale elements. Working alongside the bank’s marketing team, we developed annual marketing plans and oversaw research initiatives to determine market positioning and testing messaging.

Click the image below to view one of our case studies for Bank of San Antonio and see our experience in action.

Industry Trends

Big things have been happening in the world of advertising over the last 15 years, just as they have in banking & finance. Here are some industry trends that we feel will make an important impact in our approach to your advertising.

Mobile banking has been around since the dawn of ATMs. But since we can now hold devices in our hands that connect us to the entire world, it’s easy to see why anything and everything is going mobile.

Mobile banking is usually done through either websites or apps that allow users to connect to their bank accounts and deposit, share, transfer, or invest at the tap of a finger. Most financial institutions offer this service to their customers, and those institutions will be expanding this ability through 2020 and beyond.

Updated mobile apps, improved websites, and greater usability on mobile devices will continue to be major players in the upcoming years.


of smartphone users use a mobile banking app in 2019


of smartphone users made a payment using their mobile banking app in 2019

Social Media is an essential component in the marketing mix. Every day it expands to be more than anyone ever imagined. In just three short years, the number of financial institutions on social media grew 7%. But it’s not just being on social media that matters. You have to know how to leverage your followers to become prospects and brand ambassadors for your institution.

When on social media, it’s difficult to get through the screen and allow people to see the human being behind the icon. That’s why it’s important to interact with followers as much as possible in order to show that your institution isn’t just a screen or a building, it’s people.

Advertising on social media is also important. Being able to target so specifically is both a blessing and a curse, and it’s important to know how to use these tools effectively and efficiently in order to get the most bang for your buck.


of adults are on social media


of institutions on social media in 2016


of institutions on social media in 2019

To a lot of people, digital advertising is synonymous with social media; however, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Digital marketing encompasses every aspect of the online world. This includes blogging, your website, web banner advertisements, and yes, social media.

When advertising in the digital world, it is important to realize that, much like the physical world, it would be a waste of money to just throw your advertisements out into the ether in hopes that someone sees them. This is why, depending on what service it is that you’re advertising, it is necessary to target your audience where they are.

E-shops are an excellent area where financial institutions are targeting individuals for small loans and lines of credit, for example. Blogs or websites regarding investment banking are an excellent way to advertise mutual funds or stock trading. Home buying websites are an important venue to advertise mortgage services. The list is endless.

When venturing in to the digital world, don’t just look at social media. The entire digital sphere must be taken into account in order to have a solid online strategy.

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