About once a week (twice if we’re lucky), we’ll be nudged at our desks by a wet nose and a big happy grin from Tank Gresham. Imagine a cross between an adorable St. Bernard and a playful Poodle that loves to play office soccer. Needless to say, everyone is magically in a good mood when Kim brings Tank around.

Tank is far more than our unofficial mascot. He’s our Chewbacca, if you will; he comes in to save the day with his stress-relieving presence and soft shaggy fur. He’s our mini me who we stroke and use cutesy voices around (you would too). At six months old, he’s just a puppy, but you wouldn’t guess from looking at him. This dog gets bigger every time we see him!

When he goes home, he sleeps off all the fun he had. And we do, too. There’s no one like Tank to get us out of the dog days!