If we ever hear the apparent galloping of a horse in the office, we can be sure our Creative Director, Chris has brought Raider for a visit. And we love it when he does, because this European Mantle Great Dane is 160 lbs. of pure sweetness. She’s a rescue dog, and Chris had no idea what he was getting into when he picked her up from a family that could no longer take care of her.

Raider grew up on a farm with seven other dogs that weren’t taught to share their food with her, so she was a skinny puppy. But now that Chris saved her, Raider averages 8 cups of dog food a day and bath time is like washing a bus. Chris even uses his lunch hour to go home and feed her. But it’s well worth it, says Chris, who’s always had a soft spot for large dogs.

“She knows when I’m sick or down, and will put her head in my lap and try to make me feel better.”

People will flock around Raider like pigeons in a park whenever Chris brings her to the Pearl, and she’s great with kids. But her size doesn’t go over so well with smaller dogs that sometimes snap at her out of fear. Raider may be intimidating, but she wouldn’t hurt a fly (unless her happy tail accidentally clips one). What really makes her scared, though, are thunderstorms, which often have her teeth chattering like castanets.

Chris has had five great years with Raider and hopes for many more trips to the river (she loves to swim) and campouts with his big black-and-white best friend who makes coming home such a joy. So we love Raider at AMG, because less stress for our creative director is good for everyone.  

Raider may have paws the size of your palm and hind legs that could stand her taller than you, but her heart is definitely the biggest part of her.