Growing a business isn’t just about making profit. As an important part of the social fabric, businesses need to do much more than take in. They need to give back. It’s about good corporate responsibility and about making a positive difference in the community in which we work and live.

According to the Journal of Accountancy, “companies that support community volunteerism are more attractive to young hires, and their current employees are more likely to stay.” So there’s that, too.

At Anderson, we take great pride in being one of the oldest locally and family owned advertising agencies in San Antonio. Our owners are well known and respected in the community. They give back – not only as private citizens but as a corporate entity, as well.

“As contributing members of the local workforce, getting involved in charitable work helps us stay in tune with the community and gives us valuable insight we can put to good use. After all, we’re not just an agency. We’re a part of this community.”Antonio Garza, Director of Interactive

But it’s not just about planting trees and distributing food. Volunteerism and philanthropy go beyond those few hours of hard work and photo ops – they change a company’s culture and turn it into something stronger. Something better.

“When our team works together to create positive change in the community, it is also strengthening its sense of purpose and unity – making Anderson stronger and better for it.” Chris Pawlik, Associate Creative Director

“Of course we can do this on our own time, but we make a bigger difference working together. Reaching out through social media is great, but reaching out face-to-face using our skills, empathy and energy is a whole different thing. We want to do both.” Kim Gresham, President

We’re happy to announce that our team will be very busy next month helping out Habitat for Humanity of San Antonio at one of their construction sites. This organization is very dear to us because we know we’re doing much more than just building a house for a low-income family – we’re helping them build a future.

There’s more to volunteerism than you think. Check out the National Service’s list of Volunteering Benefits and see how you and your company can actually take away a lot more than you put in when you decide to give.