To accommodate new working situations, many companies are moving their offices. (Turning a new leaf from 2020 & 2021 might also have something to do with it!) And Anderson is following suit, with a classy new logo to match our new office.

The new office is definitely a step up, about 87 steps up according to our Director of Corporate Development, who opts for the five flights of stairs over the elevator for exercise. We’re here in the Texas Community Bank building where North Loop 410 meets Highway 281 by the airport. With large windows that offer an expansive view of San Antonio, the new office puts our fingers on the pulse of the city at this major interchange.

Take a good look at our new logo. How do we look in navy blue? Pretty good, right? Here’s what our Digital Creative Director had to say about it.

“Part of the reason we wanted to step away from our traditional “talk bubble” logo is that Anderson isn’t just part of the conversation. In our digital age, we’re surrounded by the conversation. So sometimes we need to listen more than we talk and take the conversation one step further into action. That’s why you see our “a” expanded outside the boundaries.”

Anderson isn’t just another voice adding noise to the market. We are co-creators and problem solvers with unique ideas. We strive to connect with people and add value to their lives, and we need to do more than just talk at them to do that. We don’t just want to say on behalf of our clients; we want to do for them and push the boundaries doing it. All that is tied up in our new logo.

Are you looking for a brand refresh that better captures who you are and what you do? We can help. Contact our Director of Corporate Development, Soeurette Shook-Kelly at