We’re happy to announce that we’ll be adding a new client to our roster. Our corporate development team met with Dr. Jamie Yee last month to discuss her new practice, business goals, branding needs and desire to create a unique optometry practice in Frisco, Texas. She will launch her new practice in October 2014 and we’ll work with her to develop her brand identity, grand opening launch plan, website, and a strategic marketing plan to help her meet all her short and long-term business goals.

Our creative team already started working on her brand identity, including logo, positioning line and stationery package. Everyone in this industry knows how important AND tricky it is to create the right logo. But our art directors will probably tell you it is their favorite thing to do. You see, brand development requires a lot of teamwork – the more options and approaches we come up with, the more range and freedom our clients get. For Dr. Yee’s logo and branding, we had four of our art directors and two of our copywriters collaborate. We can’t wait to SEE which of the multiple concepts she selects. But for now, let us welcome her into our family and wish her all the best.