Vantage Bank

Who better for a full-service bank to partner with than a full-service marketing agency? AMG welcomes Vantage Bank! With 23 locations across Texas, Vantage provides business, international, lending, digital and just about every other banking service you can think of. AMG was born from serving the advertising needs of the National Bank of Commerce in 1970 and we’re excited to build on our rich history of banking marketing solutions with Vantage. To get started, we’ll be helping them with campaign development, media buying and overall marketing strategy. We’ve seen financial institution marketing evolve over the decades and having a vigorous digital presence is more critical than ever. We’re looking forward to helping Vantage grow and reach new customers in new ways!


LASO Health

Helping as many people get tested for COVID-19 as possible is a priority as the country tries to slow the spread. That’s why AMG is proud to partner with LASO Health, a mobile app that directly connects patients with providers to ensure easier access to and more price transparency for healthcare services. The app launched with the capacity to book appointments for everything from physical exams to MRIs. However, since the coronavirus, LASO has suspended all services except for scheduling a COVID test. They had to act fast and tasked us with turning around a lead-generation paid social media campaign in two weeks. We got right to work on a retargeting B2C social media campaign, with plans to launch B2B down the road. LASO has tremendous potential to help a lot of people and improve the healthcare process. We’re eager to promote their growth!


Legacy Home Health

Legacy Home Health has built a reputation of delivering comprehensive and compassionate care in South Texas for 23 years, often reaching underserved areas. They’re familiar with the concept of becoming like family in their business so we’d like to welcome them to ours! AMG plans to develop compelling campaigns and marketing strategy for Legacy with the same dedication they apply to providing the highest level of home care, hospice and provider care. We will be refreshing the Legacy brand and positioning them to help more people in new communities. It’s our privilege to help them continue and advance their legacy of compassionate care all over the state.