Guest Post by our new intern, Natalia Canales 

At your typical internship, the most common phrases you hear are: “get coffee,” “file this, and file that,” “hey kid, when you’re done can you walk my dog?” (which actually turns out to be a miniature horse!).

But at AMG the most common phrases I’ve heard so far are: “come and sit in on this meeting,” “let me show you how this works,” “come follow me for a day.”

Although I’m just starting my second day interning at AMG, I’ve learned more than I ever imagined. Upon arriving, I had the pleasure of meeting with two of the agency’s leaders, Julius Germano and Ken Clegg. During this meeting, we got to know each other a little and had a wonderful discussion before Soeurette Kelly, my lead for the day, arrived.

After introducing me to several people in the office, Soeurette and I were off to visit a client’s headquarters for a new website pitch. Unlike most interns, I wasn’t tied to the roof of the car, or squished into the trunk (I don’t know if that really happens, that’s just what I’ve seen in movies). I rode in the front and conversed with the other members of the team that came along. Once at the client’s office, I was able to sit in the meeting and listen to the pitch team. The team gave a flawless presentation and, in my opinion, they’ve got the client in the bag.

After we left the meeting, Soeurette treated us all to lunch and everyone shared a little bit about AMG and their experience working at the agency. When we got back, Soeurette continued to introduce me to everyone at the agency, included me in an Excel project she had been working on, explained the basics of billing, and told me more about her job as an AE.

This morning, I was able to attend the website pitch for another client and really got to see how much time and energy goes into every project – not just from one area, but all areas. It was great to see how the team tried to be flexible and understanding towards the client’s desires for the website. The goal wasn’t just to make the client happy, but to help them reach their goal as well.

I love the team atmosphere here. It’s fun, inviting, and friendly, but at the same time everyone is focused and determined to get the work done. I know I’ve only been working here for about 24 hours, but so far I have really enjoyed it. I love learning a little bit about each job and experiencing what goes on in a pitch. Who knows – maybe by the end of my four weeks, I’ll have to call Ole Miss and request to change my major. It’s not even lunchtime yet and I already want to learn about another aspect of AMG.