Your bestie or bud recommended a restaurant, physician or simply a great bottle of vino for you. What do you do? Most of us listen to our influencer network and take an action off of a recommendation. So how do we apply that relevant recommendation to influence our digital campaigns? 

We are now using Social Graphing to increase our digital marketing performance by analyzing previous purchases and other patterns like household, workplace, behavioral and social. Then, we identify prospective targets and marry them to everyday influencers in their networks (cell phones that are frequently together) and deliver messages to both audiences. Voilà, people start conversing with each other about the seeded messages, which creates a ripple effect on a consumer’s path to purchase. The viral impact of Social Graphing can highly influence conversions and is a beneficial layer to an overall digital marketing strategy.

We’re talking about making the most of word of mouth! Let’s get the conversation started!