Or are they? According to a recent Marketing Profs report, about 67% of all Internet users are using social media.  And practically all of those have Facebook accounts.

So what’s with the other 33%?

I asked around the office.  Yes, we are a full-service marketing agency that has people who eschew Facebook and pretty much all other forms of social media.

What were their excuses?

  1. We’ve got self-proclaimed luddites.
  2. Others just have no interest and say it’s just too personal.
  3. And then there are those who don’t want to invest time in it if the next big thing is right around the corner.

There’s probably no changing the minds of those in categories 1 and 2, but maybe there is hope for those in the third bucket.

Perhaps the next big thing will be completely revolutionary and present information in a totally new way, but the concepts of “liking,” commenting and connecting are common threads across the top social media sites. If you aren’t familiar with doing it in the first place, the idea of doing it on more than one social media network could become completely overwhelming. Like anything new in life, it is something that can be done in baby steps and it may just be a matter of finding the social media outlet that will benefit you the most.

And if you want it done right for your business, you better know how to do it yourself or the meaning of a # or an @ symbol will be Greek to you.

It’s OK to be afraid of something new, but you’ll never learn about it until you sign up.