If you’ve done any business with AMG, you’ve likely met our Director of Corporate Development, Soeurette Shook-Kelly. Because she works so closely with clients, we thought you should get to know her better . . . and hopefully learn how to pronounce her name [ sur-et ].

Originally from San Angelo, Texas, Soeurette moved to California’s wine county of Sonoma at age 13. She later moved to San Antonio in 1984 to start her career. As she gained experience in advertising, she never thought she’d be lucky enough to land a job at her dream employer, Anderson.

“I knew about Anderson for years but never dreamed I could work here. It’s an honor for me to be here to this day.”

And it wasn’t luck. Soeurette’s hard work and friendly personality paved the way. She’s been bringing valuable perspective to AMG’s strategic planning, brand development, and new business efforts for 12 years now. She loves giving agency tours. And she loves the personal growth she’s gotten from serving a diverse client base.

But there’s far more to this talented lady than her business life. Soeurette gets her competitive energy from the tennis court. She runs the Shavano Park Tennis Club with her husband and is part of a team that routinely takes home the city title. As an animal lover, Soeurette keeps several pets at the club, including geese, turtles, herons, hawks, and a crane named Casper.

What you probably didn’t know about Soeurette is that her teeth are cleaner than a bar of dove soap; it’s rumored she brushes them after every meal. Another one of her hidden talents is cooking for and entertaining small groups. She’s been known to break out Bach or Chopin’s nocturnes on the piano at her soirées.

Soeurette’s living proof that dreams come true with hard work and perseverance. Her advice:

“Always do your best, but push for more than is expected of you. Be transparent up front, and if you make a mistake, own it quickly.”

Out of all the ways Soeurette has grown at AMG, she would tell you where she’s gained the most is the lifelong friends she’s made along the way.