Our copywriter, Matthew, has been writing stories since he was 12. He majored in Marketing at St. Mary’s because he knew his writing talents could translate into creatively telling brands’ stories. He came to AMG after an internship in New York City, where he wrote for national brands like McDonald’s, Nissan, and 7UP. Back in his home town of San Antonio, he loves getting to use his writing skills to craft persuasive messaging.

“Words are powerful and I am so blessed to have a job where I can spend time with them, shaping them into meaningful content for our clients.”

But Matthew’s the first to admit how difficult it is to write well. When faced with a new job, he usually won’t start writing until after an hour of research, making word lists, and just plain thinking.

“Before I write anything, I must know everything there is to know about the subject. If I’m hitting a block, I either don’t know enough or the concept isn’t strong enough. It’s a time-intensive process.”

Matthew also finds that taking walks or moving to a different job helps break up any blocks he comes across. One of his challenges is capturing a brand’s unique identity in his copy so the message wouldn’t work for any other brand. But Matthew’s favorite part of the job is actually how challenging it is.

“That’s how I know I’m growing. I’ve also found several mentors at AMG helping me learn and stretching my skills. I’m very grateful to be here.”

In his spare time, Matthew updates his blog, reads, plays piano, and—his favorite—writes historical fiction novels and short stories. Matthew says he has enough story ideas to last him a lifetime. He has self-published one book, and is editing his second with high hopes. He sees much of his work at AMG as telling stories, which is why he loves it.

“Every story is worth telling and every brand has a story. It just needs the right voice. That’s what I strive for every day and it’s a difficult but incredibly rewarding experience.”