Every agency has one person whose hard work and dedication inspire everyone else, whose personality and leadership hold the group together. For AMG, that person is without a doubt our President Kim Gresham.

An “agency brat”, Kim grew up around advertising. It’s in her blood, which is rumored to be Type A for advertising. As a 37-year veteran of the industry, she brings a wealth of experience that helps the agency stay focused in our fast-paced environment. Although she wears more hats than the Caps for Sale peddler, Kim’s favorite part of the job is coming up with strategic ideas that help our clients. Her goal is to keep AMG relevant and growing.

“I challenge the agency to put out our best and most effective work for our clients.”

Kim’s ability to watch for the latest digital marketing trends and understand how they can be used to serve our clients has helped AMG rise above the competition.

Something you might not have guessed about her is that she loves being behind the scenes. (Featuring her on this spotlight was not easy.) She is also an outdoor girl, drives a truck and is crazy about her Bernedoodle, Tank. Most important, she is always there for her employees, to share a laugh, talk through an issue, or offer advice.

In her words, “I’ve extended my family at Anderson.”