You won’t find a position dedicated to digital strategy at every agency. Just the ones that understand how people today live digitally, creating the need for a whole new strategy to reach them. Digital expertise is and will always be a huge focus at Anderson. We just added a Digital Strategist to our team who’s 100% dedicated to digital tactics and analysis.

Marketing works best when it’s a conversation. And if you’re not listening and responding to your community’s online cues, they’ll tune you out, too. Our new Digital Strategist, Faith, helps create conversions out of conversations. How? By guiding digital strategy to those channels and content that we know are making an impact.

This new position rounds out our full team of digital specialists, which includes a digital creative director, two social media mavens, two web developers, and two media buying strategists. But because digital has become a way of life at Anderson, our digital training doesn’t stop at our digital team. All of our Account Executives are also getting certified in Google Analytics.

Applying our expertise in tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Tapclicks, we can help you answer these digital strategy questions:

  • What can I attribute a sudden increase/decrease in sales/conversions to?
  • Which social media channel makes the most sense for me to run ads on?
  • What’s my top-performing piece of content and how can I scale it across multiple channels?
  • Are my site visitors more likely to watch over-the-top ads or stream a podcast?
  • What are the top keywords for my brand in Search Engine Marketing?

You can see how knowing answers to these questions is vital to an effective digital strategy. For a presentation on how our digital capabilities can help your brand reach its goals, contact Faith Green at