Protection Engineering Consultants (PEC) designs custom solutions to protect people, physical assets and events from accidents, attacks or natural hazards. Especially in today’s world, the peace of mind PEC provides is an invaluable service. They do a lot of business at tradeshow events and needed collateral to turn customers’ heads and elicit interest. Good thing AMG is always eager to put our collateral capabilities to work.

The challenge was to capture what they do and why they’re important in just a few headlines. The design also had to draw the eye and illustrate PEC’s many services. And it all had to be complementary and attractive.

After thinking of strategic concepts, our team developed three pull-up banners, a 8’x5’ tabletop display, a table skirt and two tri-fold brochures – one focused on security consulting and another highlighting all their specialized services. We wrote brochure copy that communicated what PEC does and why it’s important. The design tied it all together. PEC has set the standard for protection planning for dozens of government, private and military customers worldwide. So we incorporated a global look, adding images of a 3D geometric network to show the connectivity of everything and the importance of security. We even created key ring screwdrivers as table favors.

It’s easy to get so caught up in the expert digital services AMG provides that you forget we’re a full-service agency – meaning we still rock traditional marketing. Check out all the cool collateral below and consider if your organization couldn’t benefit from something similar.