In our last newsletter, we introduced Lamar State College Port Arthur (LSCPA) and expressed our excitement to kick off a campaign to drive enrollment and improve their community perception. We quickly learned that the key challenge would be to get LSCPA to stand out in an oversaturated market. There are three other colleges in the immediate area – all with the word Lamar in them. So how could we use our capabilities to get people to notice LSCPA, and think differently about it?

In our brainstorm, we realized LSCPA’s core strength was its emphasis on local education – Port Arthur is in the name. So we made that the cornerstone of our creative and found words with “PA” in them to highlight LSCPA’s unique programs. We continued to think strategically for the positioning line. We finally decided on “Learn. Right. Here.” because it also underscored the college’s location and their positive commitment to the community.

We then framed messages of affordability, potential earnings, and unique programs around that positioning line and expanded the concept into radio scripts and storyboards for over-the-top TV. Our art directors chose eye-catching color fades and images of students getting hands-on experience. They also enhanced the strengths of LSCPA’s logo. We added pre-roll, animated GIFs, social media carousel ads, digital HTML5s, print and outdoor applications.

In the end, we had an integrated marketing campaign that made LSCPA stand apart. But we also had a great example of how AMG’s creative and digital capabilities can tackle any challenge.