Del Mar College wanted to reach an older audience in the Coastal Bend region and inspire them to continue their education. With widespread job loss due to COVID-19 and the lockdown, many were wondering what their next step should be. Our task was to capture that audience, specifically 25-54-year-olds, and prompt them to seize this opportunity to advance themselves and create a better future.

In light of COVID-19, Del Mar was making the decision as easy as possible by removing GED and testing requirements and fast-tracking the programs so students could finish in just 2-16 weeks. We therefore built our creative around accessibility and affordability. There was really nothing holding these students back. We also highlighted specific programs and wrapped up with a line inspired by Del Mar’s mission to make students work ready and career ready, adding “faster” to emphasize how quickly students could finish their program. We assembled creative for TV, radio, outdoor, digital and social components, transcreated the elements into Spanish, and delivered assets on schedule, on budget and on brand.