If you haven’t heard, AlamoPROMISE is a last-dollar scholarship program for graduates from participating Bexar County high schools that covers the gap between a student’s financial aid award and remaining tuition and fees when they attend one of the five Alamo Colleges. It’s available to eligible high school seniors graduating in 2020, and there’s no graduation rank or family income requirements. Public and private partners have come together to make the promise of tuition-free college a reality.

Today, the whole city is buzzing with this news. San Antonio has never seen anything like it. And that was exactly the challenge for us several months ago. But it was also an opportunity to create a fresh impression for the good that AlamoPROMISE will bring. How could we introduce and explain this groundbreaking program in the most effective way?

We developed a fully integrated campaign that included organizing focus groups, designing a logo, and creating ads for digital, TV, radio, social media, and outdoor. Our logo emphasizes the success these students are working hard for while communicating that AlamoPROMISE is a citywide effort. We wrote the positioning statement, supporting copy, and TV scripts to capture the key benefits of the program and inspire students to join the promise.

Nearly 6,000 high school seniors have already committed to this game-changing partnership for San Antonio’s future economic prosperity. A few months ago, no one knew what AlamoPROMISE was. Now, this creative is getting the whole city talking!