We knew this year’s summer/fall enrollment campaign for the Alamo Colleges District (ACD) would be unlike any we’ve done before. The financial and emotional stresses of COVID-19 and the lockdown gave students another reason to put off their higher education. Our challenge was to reverse their thinking and show why this is actually a great opportunity to enroll.

We knew we had to be action-oriented, student-focused, and emphasize the ACD’s value propositions: locality, affordability, accessibility, flexibility, unmatched support, and 300+ programs. We did it all with four words – Learn Here. Learn Now. Because there’s no place like the ACD and there’s no time like the present for students to empower their future. We made sure to highlight remote learning. We produced TV, radio, banner ads, paid social, outdoor, and as an AMG first, podcast spots, all transcreated in Spanish. Check it all out below.