The Ecumenical Center lives out its mission to be a force for hope and healing most boldly when a crisis strikes our South Texas community. When the pandemic and subsequent lockdown gripped the world, there was a great influx of depression and anxiety due to job loss, isolation, and added financial and emotional stress. Left untreated, these conditions have a whole host of consequences for a person’s physical health and can even lead to self-harm. The Center sprung into action.

The Center’s Licensed Professional Counselors made themselves available for free therapy sessions and tele-counseling services. These services reached countless adolescents, individuals, couples, and families who couldn’t normally afford professional counseling.

Then The Center introduced no-cost Wellness Conversations, especially for the isolated elderly population, as a safe place for dialogue with a counselor over the phone. Talking to someone who cares and getting issues off your mind can go a long way in mental health. Counselors shared strategies and resources to help people find hope, cope well, and get their joy back.

The Center also circulated tips and exercises to help parents make their kids feel safe and use their time at home in healthy ways. They produced booklets and videos to help people handle their grief, stay connected, and find healing in creative ways. AMG helped The Center publish web pages, spread flyers, and send eblasts promoting these crucial services and resources.

So thank you to CEO Mary Beth Fisk and all at The Center who never fail to step up and provide compassionate support when people need it most.