UTB & TSC were having issues with student retention: at the end of each semester, students were not enrolling in classes for the following semester.

In bachelor’s degree graduation rates, UTB & TSC stood at 37%, trailing three other major rival institutions and well behind the state average of 56.5%.

Our Approach

Our creative strategy focused on the line “Stick with It” and an iconic visual reminder – the sticky note – as a fun, non-traditional way to encourage students to enroll for the next semester of classes, and to finish out their education at UTB & TSC.


15864-10 UTB 2012 Fall Stick With It.05-2
15864-10 UTB 2012 Fall Stick With It.05-3
15864-10 UTB 2012 Fall Stick With It.05-4
15864-10 UTB 2012 Fall Stick With It.05-1

Each sticky note contained the ‘register’ message plus a QR code that, when scanned, brought students to a landing page containing links to resources for registering for the upcoming semester.


After the ‘Stick with It’ campaign, UTB showed a student retention rate increase of 4% over the previous year, making the campaign a success.