One of the main obstacles UTB faced was their image as a “commuter” school. Contributing factors included a limited amount of on-campus housing, low involvement in extracurricular activities, and a lack of passion for the school’s athletic teams. In a state with such an affinity for football, the lack of a football team obviously contributed to low student morale.

Our Approach

Make the most of existing bragging rights. UTB did boast a superb golf team, a state-awarded soccer team, and a nationally recognized women’s volleyball team. But frankly, they weren’t boasting loudly enough – either to the existing student body or to prospective students in the community at large. So AMG decided to change all that.

We used this as an opportunity to showcase the best-kept secret at UTB: the level of greatness already attained by their existing sports teams. We featured all three sports in an action-packed ‘Athletics Video’ that was shown at student common areas and on UTB’s website to promote school spirit and to raise morale.

By highlighting UTB’s other excellent sports teams, we helped raise the morale of the student body, increase the overall positive perception of the institution, and create awareness of other activities at the university.