In 2016, a $139 million bond proposal was approved to address the population explosion on the community’s South Side. After consulting with community leadership and fielding input from secondary school students, town hall attendees, and other focus group participants, Del Mar College started the construction of the new Oso Creek Campus. Concurrent with this project, a 2014 bond was approved for capital improvements to the Heritage and Windward campuses, the two existing campuses for the college.

For the summer/fall 2023 enrollment period, Del Mar College requested Anderson to create a campaign that introduced the new Oso Creek Campus, featuring its signature programs and core classes as part of the message. Anderson mirrored such messaging for the Windward and Heritage campuses (despite the challenges that construction at the latter posed). Even so, Anderson was able to highlight the improvements made to each campus as it unified and introduced the three campuses under the umbrella of the Del Mar College brand.

Our Approach

In response to the construction of a new campus and ongoing improvement to the two extant campuses, Anderson developed the line “Your Future. Built Here.” to anchor each spot. We then focused on the changes that were happening across the college and unique signature programs that each campus offered. In addition, we incorporated unique points of differentiation for each campus and used those across the campaign. Lastly, we incorporated each campus’s distinct color palette for direct association with their individual brands while keeping everything in step with the overarching Del Mar College brand.

Anderson ran the campaign on a deep media schedule, including digital outdoor, SEM, digital display, streaming audio, Hulu premium inventory, OTT, paid social (FB/IG and TikTok), broadcast cable, and broadcast audio (English and Spanish language).


The campus campaign digital assets delivered 150,683 clicks and 16,159 conversions. The Del Mar College website had an increase of 39.7% in total users and 37.2% in new users compared to the previous month.