When Anderson landed the Del Mar College account in late 2019 and started working on our first creative campaign, the pandemic hit and the world shut down. For the next one-and-a-half years, the constraints of pandemic-related protocols prevented us from shooting new campaigns, leading us to produce several kinetic-type TV spots. As the worst of the pandemic receded, Del Mar College challenged Anderson to develop a campaign that was limited to shooting one location and a limited number of students.

Our Approach

Anderson tackled this challenge by developing a storytelling-focused testimonial campaign delivered in the vein of a love letter to the college. We came up with “Dear Del Mar” as the campaign line, which focused on the alumni and current students reading letters they wrote to the college about their experience.

Within this campaign, we wanted to weave in five (5) distinct messages:

  • Quality of Faculty
  • Support from the college such as tutoring and textbook rental program
  • Outcomes
  • Free GED programs
  • Scholarship support

We supported the “Dear Del Mar” campaign with multiple media tactics, including Digital Outdoor, SEM, digital display, streaming audio Hulu premium inventory, CTV/OTT, paid social (Facebook/IG, TikTok), broadcast cable, and broadcast radio (English and Spanish).


As a result of the campaign, we had over 50,000 direct link clicks, and 6,900 conversions (“Apply Now” button or call).

In SEM, Del Mar College showed up as the #1 result 95% of the time. In streaming audio, we served 525,984 impressions with a 93.64% average listening completion rate, resulting in 492,519 audio completions. Hulu had a near perfect video completion rate of 99.94%. When we evaluated actual website traffic, there was a 10.43% new user increase when comparing the same flight year over year.