Del Mar College has a robust Continuing Education program with over 13,000 students enrolled annually. The department received a small grant in early June 2023 that needed to be used toward a campaign for upskilling and reskilling students. The college asked the agency to provide media recommendations and a creative campaign to support this message.

Our Approach

With a limited budget and within less than 5 days, Anderson provided media recommendations to include paid social and search engine marketing to support this initiative. We repurposed previous TikTok videos and created new static social media ads that conveyed affordability and emphasized their 2-16 week programs. We also communicated the ease of entry into the CE program.


The largest drivers to the Del Mar college website in the first half were organic Google searches, direct traffic, paid social (CE campaign), and Search Engine Marketing (CE campaign).

The CE landing page had over 7,000 direct users and over 6,200 “new” users to the Del Mar college website during the first half of the CE campaign. (Reporting is not complete for the 2nd half.)