As part of our ongoing relationship with Alamo Colleges District, Anderson has had the opportunity to work with a variety of different divisions. One of those divisions is AlamoOnline.

From micro-credentialing to fully online degree programs, AlamoOnline offers a broad range of learning opportunities. AlamoOnline supports over 13,000 fully online students of various ages and walks of life. Currently, AlamoOnline offers more than 70 online degrees and certificates.

Each year, Anderson works closely with AlamoOnline to develop comprehensive recruitment campaigns centered on spring and fall enrollment periods. Although these campaigns closely align with the enrollment campaigns developed for the district, Anderson ensures that the online campaigns have a distinct look and feel.

The media strategy each year is based on marketing to individuals “in-district” and “out-of-district,” with segmented messages for each target audience. Through digital strategies such as contextual online marketing, retargeting initiatives, social media, streaming audio and SEM, as well as traditional media such as out-of-home, Anderson promotes the benefits of choosing AlamoOnline.

Anderson provides in-depth analytical reporting weekly that provides insight into the effectiveness of the various initiatives. This allows Anderson to quickly pivot if one of the digital strategies is not performing to expectations.


We implemented all of our recommendations from the 2022 campaign. These were the results:

  • Dedicated landing page and form fill page helped contribute to increased leads in the 2023 campaign. There was a total of 999 form fill completions (28% increase from 2022). ACOL internal data tracked 983 RFIs during the 2023 campaign period (duplicates removed).
  • SEM and Display were our workforce tactics. The SEM campaign drove 434 form fills—163% more than 2022.
  • Display had a strong increase in performance over 2022, with the total number of conversions (form fills) doubling. 2023 had a constricted window (3 months) compared to 2022 (6 months)
  • Facebook/Instagram attributed to at least 215 form submissions in the Fall enrollment period, a 31.9% increase compared to 2022.