In honor of World Social Media Day, we’re busting some of the most common myths about social media.

Myth: Social media accounts are run by interns.

Fact: Most brands’ social media accounts are run by trained professionals with years of experience. Social media has been a major part of brands’ communication and marketing strategies for over a decade. While an intern might assist with social media, they don’t have the skills or experience to be in charge of running a brand’s social media presence. Just like you wouldn’t expect an intern to be running an accounting department, you shouldn’t expect an intern to be running a social media department.

Myth: Social media is an easy job. All they have to do is post photos.

Fact: Posting is just a small part of social media jobs. On any given day, social media managers might be responsible for: researching trends, creating strategies, designing graphics, filming and editing videos, writing copy, responding to comments, engaging with audiences, analyzing KPIs, developing reports, and so, so much more.

Myth: I need to be on every social media platform.

Fact: Choose a few key platforms your audience uses and focus on them. It is always better to make great content for a few platforms than to spread yourself too thin across every platform.

Myth: My account is only successful if I have a large following.

Fact: Follower count is a vanity metric. A more important metric of an account’s success is engagement. One hundred followers engaged with your account are more valuable than 1,000 followers who never see, like, or comment on your posts.

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