When we were first asked by the South Texas Medical Center to create a brand new awareness campaign, we knew we had to do something fresh, different, and exciting. We not only had to craft new messaging to make consumers aware of the excellent care they could receive at the South Texas Medical Center, but we also had to update their look to match their new branding message.

First, we pinpointed the three main areas of focus in the Medical Center: research, healthcare, and technology. “These three key terms perfectly articulated what the Medical Center is all about,” Reed Hartman, Copywriter on the Medical Center campaign, said. “But we were still missing something. We needed a line about the end user, the consumer. That’s where ‘It’s all about you.’ came from.”

We then developed the final line, ‘Research. Technology. Healthcare. It’s all about you.’

From there, Tiffany Gabaldon, Associate Creative Director, and Chris Pawlik, Creative Director, got to work designing a cutting-edge look for the Medical Center’s materials.

“When we were concepting ideas for the new look, we wanted to create something that reflected the Medical Center as a whole, but that also reflected our campaign line,” Tiffany explained. “It had to be new, clean, and cutting edge, just like the healthcare, technology, and research at the Medical Center.”

Our creative for the Medical Center campaign has been running as of August 1, but you can get a closer look by clicking the links below.