We strive to make innovation a part of the culture at AMG. That’s why we’ve developed our bi-weekly open briefings. These are large brainstorm sessions where we focus on a different client each meeting. Instead of being an agency that only reacts to client needs, we want to proactively bring ideas to clients. We ask a simple question: how might we take this brand to the next level?

Here’s what these briefings look like. We announce which client will be featured several days ahead of time so the team can do some thinking and research on their own. We might mention a specific problem we’d like to address. This makes group brainstorming much more productive. We then invite the whole agency to present diverse perspectives. The account executive of the featured client guides the discussion, keeps the flow of ideas on track, and follows up on the meeting’s best ideas. A few ground rules we establish: no criticism of ideas; there’s nothing wrong with wild ideas; quantity over quality; and one conversation at a time with no interrupting.

Because consumers are transforming faster than any brand, we all need to incorporate a practice that enables us to respond in real time, harness new technology, and do something people want to be a part of. Listening to the culture and what’s going on in the marketplace is a big part of what we do when thinking of new ideas. We like to challenge our clients with these ideas to help them stand out and do things a little different.

Consider implementing your own open briefing brainstorm. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the new ideas that result. Bring them to us and we can help make them a reality. But if you can’t find the time, no worries. That’s why AMG makes innovation a part of our brand; so it’s part of yours too.