Consider the achievement of reaching 50 years in any business. All the work and ingenuity it requires. And all the experience and expertise that business has developed. Especially in the agency world where it’s tough to last even a few years, where major changes in the landscape happen constantly, 50 years is a significant feat. And it makes AMG the longest continuously run marketing agency in San Antonio. As we reach the half-century mark, we take nothing for granted. We know what it took to get here. And what it’ll take to keep going.

Becoming one of San Antonio’s most respected marketing voices took dedication to the fundamentals of good advertising: comprehensive and personal account service, treating employees with respect, and backing it all up with solid creative. This threefold model is what running a winning agency meant to Jim Anderson in 1970. And it means that for us today. Our account reps specialize in strategic planning and unmatched customer service. Our employees love to work here and stay an average of 10.11 years. And our creative team consistently delivers breakthrough campaigns.

But we’ve added a few things.

From our earliest days, we knew how critical video and audio were for effectively communicating client messages. In fact, we added audio studios in 1972 and were sending out 200 dubs every week for clients. Then, AMG founded Shootz, our in-house video production studio with two full-time editors, four digital edit suites, and multiple HD cameras, including a drone for aerial shots. Shootz has the sole purpose of producing high quality broadcast, radio, social and long-length video. And because they’re in-house, we can control quality standards, quick turnaround times, and economic costs.

With the dawning of the digital age, everything changed – how communities consume media and how brands reach the right consumers. AMG saw opportunity in all this change and stayed ahead of the shift. We knew we had to become a data-driven agency. And we did. In fact, the combination of engaging content and a media strategy that targets specific communities has become an AMG specialty. Our decisions are based on in-depth analysis from exclusive research tools like Nielsen and Scarborough. We take time to assess a market’s economy, population, income, education level, and ethnicity. All this allows us to set key performance indicators and understand which media buys are most effective, so we can adjust as we go.

AMG then focused on employing the highest caliber of creative, account service, and media individuals in the industry. And not just that, but people who were passionate about their area of discipline. That’s why we have two full-time copywriters who do nothing but draft advertising copy, a dedicated traffic manager to manage our timelines, and both front-end and back-end web developers who program interactive apps, websites and HTML5 digital ads. Our social media specialist focuses solely on driving social media leads and has a dedicated photographer to back her up. Our large team of 10 creatives puts their expertise together to come up with concepts and executions that get results.

These competitive advantages are how we’ve won local and national clients, becoming experts in sectors like higher education, banking, retail, foodservice and automotive marketing, among others. And they’re why so many clients stay with us for an average of 7.4 years – double the industry standard. For all these reasons, AMG has a considerable edge on the competition. But most of all because our age has given us a perspective and depth of experience seldom seen.

That brings us to where we are today. A full-service, data driven marketing agency that uses the latest technology to produce traditional or digital content from concept through production, in English and Spanish. By the way, if you haven’t seen our full list of capabilities, check it out here. And you’ll see why we’re so excited about the future – because of how far we’ve come. Because we haven’t just been in business for 50 years. We’ve been growing for 50 years – from one founder to 30 employees. And we’re not slowing down. We’ll continue to evolve, but our principles and commitment to excellence won’t change.

Keep in mind what all this means for you. How can AMG use our best practices and 50 years of experience to reach new communities for your brand? And be on the lookout for engaging anniversary content and memorable moments on our social media all year. The AMG legacy is just getting started.