From digital to traditional, Anderson knows advertising. On March 30, Account Executive Soeurette Shook-Kelly and Media Planner & Buyer Sylvia Treviño dropped some digital marketing knowledge to a sold-out crowd.

The duo saddled up with all the know-how they could gather, and made their way to Paesano’s at the Quarry for the monthly American Marketing Association luncheon. During the lunch, they talked about the digital marketing process from start to finish.

“We didn’t want to focus on just one area of digital marketing, because it really is a collaborative effort,” said Soeurette. “When we were creating our presentation, we knew we had to not only talk about media buying, but the creative process, too. There’s a lot that goes in to a good digital marketing plan.”

They started off talking about planning your campaign, and then went into the importance of good creative. Next, they walked through the importance of executing your plan properly, and using the analytics data gathered to help you in the future. “We even got into calculating the ROI on your campaign,” she said. “We went really deep into everything you need to have a successful digital marketing campaign.”

The luncheon was sold out, and individuals from many different backgrounds attended the event. “There were people from other agencies, other companies, and even local businesses,” said Sylvia. “It was great to see people from all over come to hear the talk. Digital marketing is an important thing to understand. Especially today where digital is taking over everything.”