If you haven’t heard of Airrosti, you will soon. Through manual therapy and rehab exercises, Airrosti’s expertly trained providers fix the underlying cause of pain and injuries in an average of 3.2 visits. But despite this amazing service, not enough people know about them.

That’s why AMG launched a brand awareness campaign to push their core benefit: we fix pain fast. After several strategy meetings and creative brainstorms, we came up with the creative that highlighted Airrosti’s many advantages. With lines like “Wow, I thought I was gonna need surgery” and “I couldn’t do this a week ago,” viewers learn Airrosti’s key benefits while relating to the patients on screen. An orange ribbon glides across the screen to reinforce Airrosti’s logo.

For this campaign, we created two 15-second bookend spots, digital banners, and a landing page to drive traffic to their website and increase brand awareness. Also look out for Airrosti segments on SA Live, live streaming on KSAT.com, and on KSAT’s OTT channel in their app.