OK, so we are changing this up a bit. We’ll resume blogging about creativity, media trends, and how to go the extra mile on account service next week. Today, we choose to put on our #21 jersey and talk SPURS!

It’s hard to contain our excitement around here when the Spurs have an opportunity to go for their fifth NBA Championship, but we manage to muscle through it.  In between water cooler talk about defensive strategies on LeBron and debates about whether or not Timmy can continue to tap into the fountain of youth for another series, we sneak in a visit to our favorite Spurs blog or forward funny photoshopped images of Chris Bosh.

I have to admit I was not too optimistic in March and April when our team wasn’t playing all that well. I thought we’d be lucky to make it out of the first round, but boy was I wrong. I’m psyched about our team’s chances, but they still have to face the toughest test of the “Big 3” era against the defending champs.  The Spurs only need four more wins, but they aren’t going to come easy. While we had been favorites in the previous four championship series, we now take on the role of the underdog.

As nervous as I am about it, I keep reminding myself this is the matchup that I really wanted to see. The Miami Heat are undoubtedly the best team in the Eastern Conference. Their season résumé includes the league’s best record, a 27-game winning streak, and they have the NBA MVP, who you have to admit is the best individual player in the world. The series also has a lot of interesting angles. The old dynasty vs. the new regime. The classic good guys vs. the bad guys. Substance vs. style. One the best examples of “team” ever seen vs. all that is wrong with the NBA.

So as nervous as I am about this matchup, I’ll take it over one with the Spurs being an overwhelming favorite. Wouldn’t a series win over the big, bad Heat mean so much more – especially at this stage of Tim, Tony and Manu’s careers?

So our guys will take their talents to South Beach this Thursday night and play before the front-running crowd that includes the Beibs, FloRida and the other white shirt wearing bandwagon fans at American Airlines Arena. I will make it a point to stay optimistic, pause a little longer before the AMG Spurs altar, and look forward to seeing co-workers walking in with cups of free Valero Corner Stores coffee after Spurs victories for one more series.

Besides, this is San Antonio. We ain’t afraid of a little Heat in June.