The Anderson of today is never the same as the Anderson of yesterday. We’re constantly learning, adapting and improving as professionals. Case in point are the continued strides we’ve made in digital marketing.

Digital is the new and complex landscape we all live in. It raises some key questions for us as marketers. Which platforms do we advertise on? What strategies should we use? How can our content come to life and engage our community? In just the last year, Anderson added three new digital positions so we can help our clients thrive in this digital world:

  • Digital Strategy Director, because leveraging digital tactics and analytics is a level of expertise all on its own.
  • Digital Creative Director, because thinking and designing digitally is a different world than traditional mediums.
  • Social Media Coordinator, because you can’t emphasize digital without emphasizing social and creating digital content native to each channel is crucial.

Our digital dream team is completed by our Social Media Specialist, who’s also a Meta Certified Media Buying Professional, two Web Developers, and two Media Buying Strategists. Here’s all of our digital expertise and tools together:

  • Web Programming – Custom WordPress Websites, CSS, PHP, HTML, JavaScript, custom plugins
  • Data and Analytics – Google Analytics, Google Webmaster, Database Management, Foursquare, FullThrottle, Moz
  • Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Yelp, Twitch, Clubhouse, Influencer Marketing, TapClicks
  • Digital Media Strategy – Display, OTT, CTV, Hulu, SEM, Geofencing, Device ID Targeting, Streaming Audio, Paid Social Media and Influencer Marketing

But how do these services translate into practical value for our clients?

One way is through a better user experience. In recent years, we’ve focused on building comprehensive wireframes to ensure that website content and functionality are optimized to meet user and business needs. To see these principles in action, check out the McNay website.

Another way is through meaningful analytic tools that don’t just report vanity metrics like clicks and impressions, but also consolidate omnichannel data and show how it affects real business goals like sales and the bottom line. Our Digital Strategy Director explains it well.

“Our digital strategy is driven by attribution, which is the science behind knowing which marketing tactics are leading to conversions. So if we see a higher return on ad spend in search than display, we know what to focus on. Maybe we learn mobile is more effective than desktop or we need to expand our geotargeting. We have the advanced analytics platforms to gain these insights, pool them all together, and optimize marketing dollars.”

Delivering a quality user experience and having intelligent data to back strategy is a powerful combination for brands in the digital space. But responsive design and distilling big data into actionable steps are no small tasks. They require the creativity, deep experience, and track record of success that’s unique to Anderson and every client we serve.

If you would like a presentation on our full digital capabilities, contact Dennis Ayotte at